Qmail IPv6 support

Does qmail supports IPv6?

Qmail does not support IPv6 by default. The development of qmail has ended around 2003.

How can I use IPv6 transport with qmail?

There is a tool called qsmtp that replaces SMTP programs of qmail and supports IPv6 with tons of patches. You have to change your startup scripts to use Qsmtpd instead of qmail-smtpd and everything will work as before (but you will get some new features). Be careful: Qsmtpd does only look at the standard tcpserver environment variables, setting RELAYCLIENT will not work. You can use /var/qmail/control/relayclients and /var/qmail/control/relayclients6 to get the same behaviour

Qsmtp installation

What do I need to install Qsmtp?

Then you need the Qsmtp:

How can I install Qmstp?

Follow the installation instruction inf Qsmtp package in doc/INSTALL.

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