pure-ftpd IPv6 configuration guide

pure-ftpd is a small, fast and secure FTP server. Homepage: http://www.pureftpd.org. When preparing this description pure-ftpd version 1.0.21 was used.

pure-ftpd is IPv6 capable by default. For most OS distributions, default installation will work with both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. In case one would not like to have the server reachable over each protocol should use -4 and -6 command line switches. When using e.g. -6, the server process will only listen on an IPv6 socket, not on an IPv4.

All of the configuration options will work both with IPv4 and IPv6 protocols without any limitations, including:

Compiling pure-ftpd

Compiling an IPv6 protocol enabled pure-ftpd binary is pretty easy as using default compile options will result in an IPv6 enabled application.

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