proftpd IPv6 configuration

IPv6 support built into proftpd has been evolving in the last period (eg. IPv6 Access Control Lists) and several IPv6 related bugs have been corrected, so it is adviced to use the latest stable version. In the time of writing of this description, proftpd 1.3.0 version was available. proftpd homepage:

When compiling proftpd FTP server from source code, --enable-ipv6 switch should be used with the configuratin script:

./configure --enable-ipv6 ...

In case using binary package of an OS distribution, check proftpd IPv6 protocol capabilities with -V command line option:

[walaki@walahol]:/home/walaki/$ proftpd -V
Compile-time Settings:
  Version: 1.3.0
  Platform: LINUX

    + IPv6 support

If we have something similar to the above output, proftpd will be able to receive/initiate FTP connections over the IPv6 protocol without any further configuration.

IPv6 Access Control Lists can be added to each server configuration in the following way:

<Limit LOGIN>
    Order allow, deny
    Allow from, 2001:738:0:402:20d:60ff:fe1c:d58c
    Deny from all

In the above example, a single IPv4 and an anouther IPv6 host is able to connect to the FTP service.

ATTENTION! Status of Bind command has became "deprecated" lately, so do not use it in order to avoid problems with future upgrades.

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